League of Evil is both currently free and beddable

The popular platformer League of Evil is currently free on the iTunes App Store. The game has been rated as a ‘must have‘ by many gaming sites and publications, and we’re pretty pumped that it’s free currently.

Long story short, you do a lot of running and jumping, like any good platformer should. The objective of the game is to avoid hammers and spikes, kill soldiers and ninjas, then absolutely obliterate the mad scientist at the end of the game. One nice added twist is the timer. League of Evil rewards you based on how quickly you finish a level. It’s a nice throw back to those times when I would try to race through Super Mario Bros. as fast as possible.

The controls are very reminiscent of the original NES and the game looks phenomenal. The look and feel certainly reminds me of Mega Man classics from back in the day.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I’ve never heard of this game until today, so I’m pretty excited that PhOBi sent in the tip. It looks like I’m going to have something to kill the time with over the next couple of weeks.

Note: The Internet says we can’t use sexy when referring to technology any more. We’re going with beddable.

Tip o’ the hat to PhOBi for sending this one in to us! Make sure you check out our tip-line.

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