Speed Up Your Workflow With Launch Center Pro

After meeting the developers at App Cubby at MacWorld 2012 and downloading Launch Center, I absolutely fell in love with the app. The fact that I could tweet, set reminders and launch apps all within one single application amazed me, so I gladly threw them $0.99 and went on using the app. Until now that is. So why have I switched away from Launch Center? That’s pretty simple. Launch Center Pro was released this week!

Launch Center Pro features all of what the original Launch Center offered and more! So while you can still text your friends, call your Mom and launch your Starbucks app via Launch Center Pro, a few super cool features have been added. For instance, you can now create a bookmark “group”, which can house web bookmarks or function bookmarks. For instance, I have a group called “blogs” that houses some of the blogs I read daily.

Another cool feature that Launch Center Pro has to offer is that it can carry out specific functions within another app. For instance, you can have Launch Center Pro automatically launch your Instagram camera or add a new delivery to Deliveries from your clipboard. This is by far my favorite feature of Launch Center Pro.

Launch Center Pro’s interface is absolutely stellar. With light gradients and tons of customizability, I think that Launch Center Pro is one of the best designed iOS apps on the App Store.

All in all, I definitely think you should pick this app up. Right now. Launch Center Pro has definitely sped up my workflow on my iPhone and was well worth the $2.99 retail price. Feel free to purchase this app by clicking the link below this post.

Andrew is a geek, Apple enthusiast, blogger and coffee lover from Chicago.