Kindle iOS app now has REAL page numbers

Apple has approved an update for the Kindle app that provides a few changes. The biggest is that the iOS application has added page numbers based on the print edition.

Amazon has not removed the ‘locations’ that Amazon Kindle users have become accustomed with.

The second update is that your progress through a book is now shown on an iPhone so that you can see how far you have gotten within a book (This could be good for those long books like Stephen King novels).

The last feature is the ability to lookup a word on Google or Wikipedia without having to be bounced out to Safari.

There is an issue with this update, though. The real page numbers are not on ALL books from the start. I do not expect every book to have real page numbers embedded, but Amazon states that it has over 810,000 books and only ‘thousands’ have ‘real’ page numbers.

The reason this has been done is so that it is a possible for students to properly cite a book for a professor even if they are reading the Kindle edition instead of a physical copy. This will definitely help Kindle, and e-books in general, in gaining support within educational institutions.

Article Via Macworld

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