Kid makes $130,000 with white iPhone conversion kit

While Apple’s stumbling all over themselves trying to figure out a way to ship the white iPhone 4, a kid from Queens has outmaneuvered Apple to the tune of $130,000. Not too bad for a high-school senior. While it’s pretty obvious that Apple’s not going to be pleased with the “bootleg” shop, Lam swears that the parts are original, and that they’re directly from Foxconn’s factory.

Say what?

This high-school senior is a lot more resourceful than most kids that I knew when I was in high school. Fei Lam worked connections to get into contact with someone inside of Foxconn, and then arranged to get a supply of white iPhone parts directly from the supplier. That means, should Lam be telling the truth, those white iPhone parts are legitimate Apple products.

For $279, Lam is selling you:

  1. Back Glass with Camera Lens & LED Diffuser
  2. Supporting Plate
  3. Digitizer/Touch Panel
  4. White iPhone 4 Home Button
  5. iPhone 4 Opening Tools, Protective Case and Screen Protector
  6. Along with Front and Back plates for your iPhone 4.

Lam was even smart enough to get the parts shipped directly to consumers instead of carrying the burden of re-shipping the parts on his own. Talk about a bootstrap company for the ages.

Lam is hoping to put the funds towards his education, and hopes to be attending NYU in the fall.

What do you think? Did these things fall off the back of a truck outside of the Foxconn building, or is he actually procuring the parts in a legal way?

Article Via The New York Observer

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