Keep your iPhone off the floor with Fonehook

When you’re charging your iPhone from a wall outlet, the last thing you want to do is rest your iPhone on the floor or on the arm of your chair. Stepping on your expensive piece of silicon and aluminum, or watching it fall to the ground induces cringing. Anthony Johnston, a product designer in Overland Park, Kansas, has come up with an easy solution for this problem that he calls Fonehook.

With either adhesive or screws, you mount this iPhone stand on your wall right next to your wall charger. Plug in your iPhone, and set it in the Fonehook. It will now stay perfectly in place, and you won’t destroy your expensive electronic device by knocking it over or stepping on it by mistake.

If you want your very own Fonehook, you’re going to need to drop $20 USD, and that will net you five Fonehooks to keep all around your home and office. As of publication, only about $600 of the required $14,000 goal has been pledged, but you still have 50 days to go. If you like this idea, put your money where your mouth is, and pledge to make it happen.NewImage

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