Keep iTunes From Begging To Sync With Tune Blocker


Isn’t it annoying when you plug your iPhone or iPad into someone else’s computer to suck a little power into your device, and their computer starts begging you to sync everything? All you want to do is syphon a little energy into your phone, and their computer immediately starts trying to screw with things. Well, it sounds like you need to buy Tune Blocker.

This wonderful little cable has a switch in between a USB connector and a dock connector. When the switch is down, it works like a regular Apple cable. You plug in your device, it can sync, and it charges. When you throw the switch up, it won’t allow your device to sync. It just lets your iDevice charge in peace. Nifty, eh?

This three-foot cable is available through ThinkGeek for only $19.99. It works with all iPods, iPhones, and iPads, so no need to worry about compatibility.

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