Keep An Eye On Your Data Usage With Dataman Pro

Let’s face it, every cell provider wishes they could still charge you almost a hundred dollars a month for a Nokia candy bar phone. They don’t like that we spend so much time on the mobile web, chatting on iMessages, posting pictures to Facebook, and doing pretty much everything with our iPhones other than text and call. In response we’re hit with data caps and ridiculous fees. (Or throttling, which is somehow even worse.)

Dataman Pro seeks to empower you with detailed information about your usage. You input the information for your data plan and your billing cycle, then you get a big screen showing the percentage of your plan used along with your actual data usage. The idea is to keep you aware of your usage and how close you are to your cap.

You can swipe up to get a detailed listing of the apps that are munching up your precious allotment.

You can customize the display pretty thoroughly, presenting a basic amount of information at one level, to a completely detailed listing of your usage on cellular and Wi-Fi on another if you choose. You can change the fonts used as well as the color scheme. There’s plenty of customization options.

Dataman Pro is currently $4.99 and you can download it from the App Store.

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