Kavinsky Releases First Ever Video Game Based On A Record

Kavinsky’s album “Outrun” offers French electro beats that can really pump you up. Now Kavinsky has arrived on the App Store, a free game based on the record that lets you roam around the streets of Downtown LA. Kavinsky records will provide the soundtrack of your adventure.

Kavinksy is “music history in a video game.” You’ll play Kavinsky in the game, a vigilante hero who’s sole mission seems to be fight hard and drive fast.

The game includes a number of features:

  • Several fight levels against shady street villains.
  • Exciting Boss Fight!
  • Drive Kavinsky’s emblematic car.
  • Feel the speed in a race to outrun opponents.
  • With an iPhone camera and Augmented Reality technology, bonus levels can be played with any background location you choose.
  • Awesome 16-bit pixel retro play mode.
  • Game soundtrack produced by Kavinsky.

Kavinsky is available now in the App Store and works with both iPhone and iPad.

Image Credit: intomobile

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