Just like that Rogers turns on LTE in Ottawa

The switch has been flicked, despite not having LTE devices avilable on the network — Rogers has turned on their LTE wireless network in Ottawa, Canada.

Could it be just in time for the next iPhone?

This network will power the next generation of innovative products and services in ways we’ve never seen before. And it will be the backbone of Canada’s digital economy as we continue to move from a wired to a wireless world. We’re thrilled to welcome Ottawa — and Canada — to the future of fast

Rogers is planning on rolling out their LTE network across Canada in the coming months, including Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, as well as another 21 markets by 2012. Rob Bruce, President of Communications at Rogers also told the press that Samsung and HTC phones capable of LTE will be available on the market later this year.

About that LTE iPhone 5

Rumors have gone back and forth on the possibility of an LTE iPhone 5 in the upcoming months. Some sources like Forbes reported that the iPhone won’t get LTE until 2012 at the earliest. Then Tim Cook showed up in China, to alledgedly discuss TD-LTE with China Mobile executives for an upcoming iPhone.

There’s no indication at this point if the next iPhone will in fact have LTE, or TD-LTE capabilities, but if Apple’s keen on taking the next step over the competition again, at the very least they have to be considering LTE possibilities.

Source: Toronto Sun

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