Junk Jack released, turns out it’s awesome

Yes! Junk Jack is out. We first spied the Minecraft-esque 2D title back in July and it’s been one of our most eagerly awaited titles on iOS since. Thankfully, after spending a couple of hours with it, it’s managed to deliver on everything it promised.

Drawing more inspiration from PC 2D title Terraria than Minecraft, Junk Jack lets you navigate a beautiful sandbox world where your creativity is the only limit to enjoyment. Crafting, exploration, mining, combat — it’s everything it promised and more.

A haunting soundtrack chimes in atmospherically while the wonderful cartoon graphics delight. It’s good, very good in fact. Occasionally the controls get a bit fiddly, but generally the experience is wonderful.

Grab it for $2.99 now. You won’t regret it.

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