Junk Jack brings cartoon Minecraft-style gameplay to iOS

Minecraft is a marmite game — you either recognise it as an indie masterpiece with LEGO sandbox creativity, or as a pixelated snooze-fest that has you clicking blocks until you grow old from boredom.

Whichever your opinion, it’s hard to ignore the fact it’s become an indie powerhouse in a short period of time. As a developer, you know you’ve made it once other games begin to tag Minecraft as a descriptive term — it happened with Grand Theft Auto and the same has begun to happen for Mojang’s game.

Junk Jack is the latest game to bring mining, crafting and adventure to gaming, albeit this time in a 2D side-scrolling realm with cartoon graphics. Comparisons have already been made with Terraria, a similar title, although developer Pixbits is adamant they’d never heard of it when they began designing the game.

Speaking to touchArcade, they affirmed:

We really both respect Minecraft and Terraria (we play together to both of them), we just like to offer a similar gameplay experience to entertain with when you are not at home.

Just because the open world mining experience is being squeezed into iOS doesn’t mean it’ll be lacking in content. Pixbits promises that it’ll have space for three worlds and plenty of structure. Everything’s typically procedurally generated to ensure every game is different, but there’ll be lots of secondary tasks and features to keep you interested.

Expect it to land on the iPhone and iPod in September — an iPad version’s not been entirely discounted, but the developers are focussing more on smaller iOS devices for the time being.

Via: touchArcade
Image Credit: Pixbits

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