Journal Turns Evernote Into Diary Storage

Keeping a journal has never been easier since we started carrying computers with us wherever we go. Services like Evernote and Dropbox have made it a lot easier to add notes, but organization is a whole other issue. When you start jotting things down whenever you think of them, organization starts becoming a real problem. That’s what Journal for Evernote aims to fix.

This app’s entire purpose is to help you jot things down quickly while keeping everything streamlined in Evernote for you. It creates a separate notebook just for your journal entries, and then appends new entries into one note for each day. Now you can quickly browse a list of notes from each day, and view a timestamped list of additions within each note. You’ll never have to rename or reorganize your daily thoughts ever again.

In the latest update, Journal for Evernote also enabled offline journaling. Even when you’re not connected to the Internet, it will keep track of when and where you wrote your notes. As soon as you’re back online, it will upload your notes to Evernote. Even better is that it doesn’t have to be in the foreground to sync with Evernote. Jot down you note, save it, and switch to another app. Next time you look at Evernote, your journal will be synced.

An ad-supported version is available for free, but the full version for both iPad and iPhone is available for only $0.99 USD.

Via: App Shopper

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