Japan’s Softbank introducing mobile payment stickers for iPhone 4

This week, it was announced that Japan’s Softbank will soon be debuting NFC stickers for iPhone 4.

NFC (“near field communication”) is a short-range wireless technology that allows for the “tap and go” method of payment via debit or credit card accounts. Although it’s been said that Apple has interest in adopting the technology, it has not been introduced in any of their iOS devices to date.

Softbank’s press release explains that their NFC stickers, while covering the iPhone 4’s back, will not impede its operation or prevent the use of a bumper case. (We’ll take their word for it, since the thing’s written in Japanese.) They’ll retail for $36, and look something like this:

According to the press release, the sticker is made from polyurethane, weighs 0.5 ounces and will be available for three different mobile payment systems, whose logos can be seen in the above photo. The sticker will act as a basic “tap and go” terminal, and will go on sale in February 2011.

I have to admit that I’m jealous of Japan right now. From the very minute I activated my first iPhone, I wished for a purchasing method that didn’t involve counting cash or finicky debit card swipers. Hopefully Apple will jump on the NFC bandwagon and create a standardized version for their users worldwide.

Article Via Boy Genius Report

Photo Credit: Softbank

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