Jailbroken iPhones Can Now Add Scrollable Wallpapers With WS Wallpaper

iPhones come with a selection of pre-loaded images that iOS users can use as wallpaper, but one thing that has been missing so far from iOS wallpapers is a scrollable wallpapers feature.

Thanks to “WS Wallpaper,” a new jailbreak tweak available on Cydia, jailbreakers can now add scrollable wallpapers to their iPhone. Once it’s downloaded and installed, the free jailbreak tweak package adds an icon to the Home screen. Within the app, users can construct scrollable wallpapers from images already saved on the device. Once you’ve selected the image you want you can easily adjust the size of it and even specify a certain portion of the image that you want to see. After processing this, WS Wallpaper will add the new scrollable wallpaper to your phone and you can see the image moving from side to side as you flick through your homescreen windows.

WS Wallpapers is a free download available on Cydia. The app is currently for iPhone and iPod touch only. Be sure to check out the video above to see how easy it is to add scrollable wallpapers to your jailbroken iPhone.

Source: Jailbreak Nation

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