The Jailbreak PDF Exploit’s Days are Numbered

CNET is reporting that Apple has a patch for the PDF exploit that allowed to crack iOS from inside of Mobile Safari. As for a release date, Apple is keeping mum on the subject.

I don’t mind people Jailbreaking their iPhones at all, but I am very much worried about doing so through exploits that are accessible by any ne’er-do-well with a web site. By exposing the exploit out in the wild without giving Apple a heads up, the “iPhone Dev Team” has really screwed over iPhone users. Sure, we can jailbreak easier, but now we have to worry that someone can remotely access their phone.

What do you think about all of this tomfoolery? Are you worried about being exploited while browsing the web on your iPhone? Sound off in the comment section of this post. We want to know what you’re concerned about, and if this even bothers you at all. Alternately, you can hit me up on Twitter to let me know your thoughts.

Photo Credit: XOZ
Article Via 9to5Mac

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