IT Professionals Rank iOS As Most Secure Mobile OS


Trend Micro and Decisive Analytics did a survey of IT professionals called “Mobile Consumerization Trends & Perceptions IT Executive and CEO Survey.” In this report, there lies an interesting nugget of information about feelings towards iOS security.

Decisive Analytics:

There are multiple operating environments associated with consumer mobile devices, and many companies restrict those that will be permitted for use on the company network. Most common among permitted devices was Blackberry (71.2%) followed by Android (70.6%), Windows (52.5%), iOS (50.7%), and Symbian (25.5%). Asked to rank the abovementioned operating systems for their security and manageability, iOS fared best, followed by Blackberry in second place, with Android close behind ranked third. Symbian came in fourth, with Windows in last place.

Hilariously, it wasn’t too long ago that Apple’s competitors were boasting that the iPhone will never be accepted in business environments. Well, Apple iterated like crazy, and now the iPhone is as business-ready as possible. It supports exchange, remote wipes, and even hub-based deployment and management. Without a doubt, iOS can go head to head with any other mobile OS in the business world.

What about where you work? Are all of the executives using iPhones, or are they still using BlackBerrys? Are you an IT guy or gal with an opinion? Sound off in the comment section below this post. We love to hear from all of you about Apple’s place in the business world.

Source: Trend Micro
Image Credit: Simon Cocks

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