Is You’re Lightning Cable Getting Stuck In Your Mac Or PC? You’re Not The Only One

If you’re having problems removing your new Lightning cable’s USB end from your Mac or PC, you’re not the only one. A growing number of iPhone 5 users have reportedly complained that the USB part of the cable is hard to remove from their desktop or laptop USB port. Some iPhone 5 users have even gone to the Apple Store’s Genius Bar to get their Lightning cable forcibly removed from their computer.

An Apple support forum member took a close look at the USB end of the Lightning cable and noticed that the bottom notches, which hold the cable in the USB port, are deeper than the notches on the previous iPhone sync cables. One theory, then, is that the notches on the Lightning cable are too deep and allow the tabs inside the USB port to grip extra tightly to the cable.

Other Apple support forum users said that AppleCare is “aware of the problem” and is reportedly providing replacement cables to those who have any issues. It’s unclear, though, if these replacement cables are different than the ones available at the launch.

Source: CNET via TUAW
Image Credit: Wikinoticia

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