Is The Redmatica Purchase About Adding Functionality To The Next GarageBand?

With Final Cut Pro X getting the iMovie and iOS treatment, we’ve often wondered exactly what Apple’s plans are with Logic Pro. Is it going to go post-PC? Is it going to go more GarageBand-like as time moves forward with each iOS release? There’s never really been any inclination from Apple that the company is looking to rework Logic, but today the big news on the street has Apple acquiring Italian audio editing company Redmatica. Just hours after Tim Cook took the stage at the All Things D conference and told everyone that Apple didn’t have any plans for major acquisitions, news drops that the company has indeed purchased another startup.

Redmatica has four major apps on the market, and they’re all currently available for the Mac. The apps include Keymap Pro, an instrument building, editing and sound design bundle; AutoSampler, which is an audio sampling application; ProManager, a way to manage, optimize, tag and search your instruments; and GBSampleManager, a way to create and edit Sampler instruments for Garageband for both iOS and Mac.

GBSampleManager is already on the Mac App Store, and Redmatica explains it as follows:

GBSamplerManager (GBSM) is an application for managing, creating and editing instruments for the Sampler Instrument in GarageBand for iPad, on your Mac. Transfer your GB songs from the iPad using iTunes, then drag the songs to GBSM to manage their Sampler instruments or create new ones. Once you are satisfied, drag your song back to iTunes.

If we had to guess, this purchase is going to have less to do with rebuilding Logic, and everything to do with creating custom sample instruments for GarageBand for iOS and possibly even the Mac.

Tim Cook is on the record as saying “Historically, we haven’t bought a company for a revenue stream. We buy them for good people, cool IP, or a synergy with a product we’re working on. Maybe they have great skills that we can redeploy or a great feature for a product.” Taking a few minutes to look at Redmatica’s software portfolio, it looks pretty clear that their sampler tools are prime for GarageBand integration. What do you think?

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