Is the Official Google Voice app coming back to the iPhone?

It may be the end of an era at Apple, and the beginning of a kinder and gentler App Store, where developers can develop anything they want, so long as they meet the guidelines that Apple released earlier this month.

It appears that the official Google Voice app might just be coming back to the App Store, and taking up residency along side other Google Voice applications such as GV Mobile, and GV Connect. TechCrunch is alleging that the application has already been approved, and Google is currently in the process of updating their application to include iOS support for multi-tasking.

It has been just over a year (July 2009) since Apple and Google reached a stalemate regarding Google Voice on the iPhone. The official Google Voice application has been sitting in an approval queue the whole time, neither moving forward nor being denied. Instead it just stagnated in the review process pool.

Could this be the end of an era, and the proverbial end of the “wall” that is Apple’s App Store? Only time will tell.

Article Via TechCrunch

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