Is Backpack The Most Secure iPhone Wallet Case Yet?

Backpack Case For iPhone 5

As you know from previous articles, I’m a huge fan of iPhone wallet cases. The only problem I have with wallet cases is the fact that they can sometimes be insecure. By this I mean your cards aren’t well secured by the case, since typically they’re only held in by a small piece of faux leather. However, a new Kickstarter project under the name Backpack aims to fix this issue with a new and improved iPhone wallet case that looks to be a lot more secure.

At first glance, Backpack looks like any other iPhone case on the market. The front of the case has a little bit of a lip around the screen that protects the phone from damage if it were to be dropped face-down. However, once you get to the back of the case, things start to get a bit funky. The back of the Backpack features a small pouch that meant to look like a backpack. The pouch is just wide enough to accommodate credit cards and deep enough to fit a few of them. This credit card area closes with velcro, securing your cash, cards and ID from falling out when on a phone call.

As of right now, Backpack is only a Kickstarter project,┬áseeking $19,000 in funding. The project only has $454 dollars as of the time of publishing this article, although you have 24 days to get in on the deal. If you’d like to preorder a Backpack for your iPhone, expect to drop $16 on a case or $13 if you get in early. Backpack will be offered for both the iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5 and will be available in multiple colors.

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