iPod Touch getting 3G from Sprint

If you’re tired of dealing with telecommunications carriers, contracts, and terrible call centers, you’ve probably considered giving up cellphones entirely at one point or another.

There isn’t much separating the iPod touch from an iPhone anymore. 3G and the ability to take calls are the only things that keep the devices apart. Given the state of Google Voice and Skype, taking calls isn’t entirely out of the question either for the touch. So, all that remains is 3G support for the iPod touch. Sprint has an answer for that now as well: the ZTE Peel.

The ZTE Peel looks and feels like one of those juice pack cases that increase battery life on your iOS device, but instead of boosting battery, Sprint’s focusing on bringing 3G to the iPod Touch. Sprint’s ZTE Peel will sell for $80.00, which isn’t all that terrible when you consider that you’re saving headaches, and keeping yourself out of the clutches of long term commitments.

Sprint will also offer a $30.00 per month data plan, which will allocate you 1GB of data. No other commitments, no contracts, and most importantly, no AT&T.

It’s not an alternative for most, but if you’re anything like me, and you find yourself questioning your need for a cellphone as well as your desire to be “on-call” all day long, this plan starts looking pretty lucrative. The ZTE Peel will start selling on Sunday.

Now, if only Rogers or Telus would offer something similar up in Canada.

Would you give up your cellphone for an iPod Touch and ZTE Peel? Let us know in the comments.

Article Via Macworld

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