More iPhones sold than babies born everyday. Um, what?

I don’t know how else to phrase it. It’s just a fact. Earlier today, Apple revealed some of its staggering quarterly earnings. With that came the announcement that the tech giant had sold 37.04 million iPhones in fiscal Q1 of 2012. No one saw that coming. Not even the company’s CEO:

“We thought we were setting bold bets,” said CEO Tim Cook, “but it turns out we didn’t bet high enough.”

Now that’s not even the mind-boggling part. Are you ready for this quick math session? If you divide Apple’s 37.04 million claim by the 98 days of the quarter, that gives you roughly 377,900. The world’s average birth rate per day is approximately 371,000. In other words, the title of this post wasn’t an exaggeration. Apple sold more iPhones than there were babies born. Wow. Don’t believe us? Check with Wolfram Alpha.

This astonishing fact was shared on Twitter by the author of Mobile First, Luke Wroblewski:

This just goes to show the high demand for the iPhone that was exceeded again in the quarter. However, with 135 million iPhones sold in total, it might take some time to pass the human population count.

Via: TheNextWeb 


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