iPhone 4 shipping for some, orders cancelled for others. Better check your status.

The day has arrived. People are receiving confirmation that their orders have been shipped. If you’re among the group who managed to get their orders in before Apple started pushing back the delivery date on their website, there’s hope yet.  Apple says you’ll still be receiving your iPhones by June 24. That’s excellent news.

But everything is not turning up Millhouse for everyone. There are reports that some customers are starting to receive cancellation emails randomly, and it appears that there’s no rhyme or reason to the changes. Some have been told that the system somehow managed to place orders for two phones on their account, and others are being told that there was a traffic glitch, that the system never actually placed an order.

So what does this mean? Well, you may want to double check your order status, then check it a third time. Don’t assume that your order is secure. Some AT&T customers have noticed their accounts have gone from “in progress” to “back ordered” overnight. It looks like there may be a supply issue that’s very real, and pre-order customers could be facing wait times, despite being told that they had secured an order for release day.

Article Via Information Week

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