iPhones hold resale value better than Android phones


Apple products, while usually pretty pricey, hold their value incredibly well. We’ve known this for many years as we try to sell our used Macs. Turns out, the same holds true for iPhones.

After using your iPhone for 18 months, it still retains 53% versus 42% for Android, and 41% for BlackBerry. That’s $312 of cash value if you resell your old iPhone on eBay or Craigslist. iPhones have a reputation for being premium products, while Androids have a more democratic marketing angle (BlackBerry’s consumer marketing angle appears to be indecipherable). In fact, the cost of ownership of an iPhone is the lowest of all platforms…

That’s right, Android and Blackberry phones just don’t hold the same resale value as the iPhone. While Apple’s products are seen as high quality and long-lasting, Android phones are seen as the phone of the week. There is something to be said about Apple continuing to support and sell the years-old iPhone 3GS while only 1 percent of all Android devices are using the latest major release. iPhones last while Androids are considered more disposable. Not only by consumers, but the carriers and manufacturers too, apparently. They just don’t care enough to ship updates to the phones they sell.

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Hat tip to Mac Life
Source: Priceonomics

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