iPhones are dominating Twitter’s photo feed with 39 percent claim

With the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, photo-taking has become fun again. Combined with the integration of Twitter into the OS, you know what that means – more photo tweets. In fact, the iPhone has gone on to claim 39 percent of all photos shared on Twitter.

How? It all has to do with Twitter surpassing TwitPic and YFrog, the two most popular photo sharing services. In fact, Twitter now leads the percentage of images hosted on its site, with 36.1 percent as apposed to Twitpic with 30.3 percent. With Twitter sitting on iOS 5, it’s clear why the success of one will mean success for the other.

This is great news for both Apple and Twitter. It shows that Apple is definitely selling iOS products (remember the 4S sold 4 million units on launch weekend?) and that Twitter is growing larger and larger. According to Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo, the social network has already seen a three-fold increase in signups since the launch of iOS 5.

I, for one, have been shooting out a photo every now and then. The iOS 5 integration just makes it that much easier. Of course, Instagram still has my heart. So what about you? Have you found yourself using Twitter more often, or did you sign up when you got your iOS 5 device?

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