iPhone users click more ads than Android

iPhone users appear to have more of the attitude that advertisers are looking for. To wit, they keep clicking ads. How many? So many in fact that, according to ad company Jumpstart, the numbers are  roughly 50% higher than their Android counterparts. Where Android users will click through ads at a .47 percent rate (which is below the .52 percent average), iPhone users hammer those ads at a much brisker .78 percent. Jumpstart attributes this to an uniformity of browsing and app experiences, calling it “seamless” and suggesting that Android cultivate a similar approach. Jumpstart also indicated that the trend of iPhone users clicking through more often than others isn’t a new one, and delves into details such as breakdown of OS use by state.

That iPhone users should click ads more often than Android users has a deeper resonance than just the numbers alone: One must bear in mind that iOS and Google make their money in different ways. Where iOS is profitable because of hardware sales, Google-made Android is all about ad revue. Android is freely distributed, and Google’s ads appear within the OS in order to make it worth Google’s effort. With Apple 50 percent above the average clickthrough rate and Android landing below it, someone at the Google HQ must be furiously writing a tersely-worded memo even as we speak.

Source: Jumpstart
Via: The Next Web

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