iPhone Personal Hotspot a go for carriers in US and Canada

Here at Macgasm, we’re a big international family. As such, we usually end up making jokes about each other’s countries. One thing we agree on — besides that no one wants to claim Alaska — is that carriers can be a real pain.

Here in the U.S., AT&T has been slow to adopt new iOS features — most noticeably MMS and tethering.

In Canada, Rogers didn’t even get the original iPhone. The 3G model was the first one available in the Great White North.

Thankfully, Personal Hotspot won’t be on that list of issues.

The Verizon iPhone shipped with Personal Hotspot with iOS 4.2.6. With iOS 4.3, the GSM iPhone will have the option.

According to Electronista, AT&T will allow users to use the new feature from launch on March 11. Rogers will also support the option, at no additional charge to users who currently include the tethering option on their plans. AT&T’s setup is similar — Personal Hotspot is now an option for currently tethering customers.

Personal Hotspot allows users to share their iPhone’s 3G data connection via Wi-Fi to devices like a notebook or the iPad.

Article Via Mac Rumors

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