iPhone owner — turned vigilante — attacks wrong person after using Find my iPhone

We’ve all seen stories about people using Find my iPhone to track down lost or stolen devices. The free app is a great addition to Apple’s iOS devices.

However, sometimes this can go terribly wrong, as it did in New Jersey this week.

According to NJ.com, baseball umpire Carl Ippolito used his son’s iPhone to track his own phone, which he believed was stolen. He tracked his phone to a nearby location and saw a man named Brent Johnson using an iPhone.

Ippolito confronted Johnson, who denied stealing the iPhone. Ippolito then punched him after wrestling him to the ground.

Ippolito’s iPhone was later found at a nearby snack shack. He is facing charges of simple assault and disorderly conduct.

Of course, anytime Find my iPhone is used to confront a possible thief, things have the chance of going bad in a hurry. Here at Macgasm, we’re lovers and not fighters, and we don’t recommend chasing someone down on your own.

Article Via The Next Web


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