iPhone OS 4 Beta 3 released

Today the iPhone OS 4 beta 3 (and the accompanying SDK) has been released for developers.

This will be a welcome relief for anyone who kept the last release on their devices. The main reason might be due to the fact that the camera stopped working. Though this won’t have been a huge issue for developers unless their apps in development needed the camera functionality.

This release fixes the camera and there are a few other goodies such as the multitasking tray has a new design (the same texture as the iPad) and there is a new funky rotation lock button in the tray with iPod controls. There is still no support for folders in iTunes though so if you sync your device you will lose your folders, so be warned. Hint: Don’t spend hours making your device perfect like I might have done.

Currently available to registered iPhone developers through the Development Center.

The 4.0 OS is anticipated to be available for the public sometime this summer. Even then, the new features will not be available to first generation devices and some features will not be available on the 3G. The iPad is expected to get the upgrade in the fall.

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