Apple’s Budget iPhone Could Look Curvier Than The iPhone 5

So, “reliable sources” now have an inside track on the much rumored, lower priced iPhone’s design. The device will reportedly take design elements from the iPhone 5, iPod classic as well as the iPod touch to create a plastic and curvier version of the iPhone 5. The device will also apparently be just a tad taller than the iPhone 5 as well. Step two? Galaxy Note big…

As far as the curved back goes, Apple will apparently be taking a much less substantial approach than it did with the iPhone 3GS. The device is rumored to have very minor curves like the ones found on the iPod classic. But, because of these curves, the publication has also reported that the device will be a bit larger than the iPhone as a whole. Finally, the device may also have “pill shaped” volume buttons like the ones found on the iPod touch.

As far as internals go, the budget iPhone is set to offer the same camera and button arraignment as the iPhone 5. The bottom of the device will also look similar as it will feature a 3.5mm headphone jack and Lightning connector. It will also apparently feature less speaker holes and a second mic hole next to the headphone jack.

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