iPhone used to catch attempted murder on video

There are a lot of things you want to capture on video with your iPhone, but your own murder isn’t exactly one of them. Salvatore Miglino managed to capture an exchange between himself and his mother-in-law that ultimately ended up with the mother-in-law shooting the man.

According to the report, Miglino was picking up his son for a court-scheduled custody visit. Apparently the mother-in-law wasn’t too pleased with how things were going down and she pulled a .22-caliber Beretta and shot at the man.

The police department was able to use the video to corroborate Miglino’s report, despite the crazy mother-in-law’s attempts to spin the story in her favour:

In her 911 call, Hepner told the police that Miglino pulled the gun on her. She said, “No, he pulled it on me and he’s got it. He drove away,” according to a recording of the 911 call. She also mentioned that Miglino and her daughter were in “the middle of a horrible divorce.

We can’t exactly chalk this up as citizen journalism, but man, is this guy ever lucky that he hit record on his iPhone and captured the whole thing on video.

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