iPhone 5 Users Report Of New Touchscreen Glitch, Could Pose Problem For Game Developers

Since its release, iPhone 5 users have been enjoying the benefits their phones have over the previous 4S such as a bigger and nicer screen. However, some iPhone 5 users have recently begun to notice that their phone’s touchscreen capabilities aren’t quite as good as it is on the iPhone 4S.

It seems that the iPhone 5 has a more difficult time tracking diagonal swipes while rapidly scrolling up and down a page than older generation iPhones. The phone won’t properly track the user’s finger movements and will cause the scrolling to stutter or stop completely.

This glitch doesn’t really pose an issue for most apps, as the majority of people won’t be swiping fast enough to ever encounter any issue. For game developers, however, this glitch may create serious problems as many games specifically require you to rapidly swipe diagonally.

The new iPod touch also experiences the glitch. It is unclear as to whether this is a hardware issue or a software issue that could potentially be fixed in a future update. I guess we’ll find out shortly.

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