Report: Texas Instruments Already Busting Out Chips For iPhone 5

A report from RepairLabs claims that Texas Instruments has begun production on the newest iPhone’s power management chip. Routinely, the phone releases a few months after TI begins work on their chips. This report is backed up by the same Chinese source who showed pictures of the new iPad back housing and glass, who says the phone will be released in September.

The TI inside source also claims that the new phone will, in fact, be named the iPhone 5 (even though it’s the 6th phone). Also, the Chinese source claims that the screen “will indeed be larger than the current 3.5 inch model.” While dates and specifications are just rumors at this point, RepairLabs states that their source has “proven extremely reliable in the past.”

I’ll wait till the press conference before I get excited for anything.

Nic Lake
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