iPhone 5 Shipping Delay Improves, Almost Ships On Demand

Those that decide to order their iPhone 5 online will no longer have to suffer as much of an agonizing wait for it to arrive. The Apple Store has begun listing the iPhone 5 as guaranteed to be shipped in less than a week, dropping from the expected two weeks it was before.

Currently the change in delivery time can only be seen on the Australian Apple Store, although it is expected for the change to show up on all of Apple’s stores as the day progresses. The change in expected delivery time is a big improvement when compared to the three to four week wait that existed back at the phone’s launch. These improvements are proof that Apple is successfully catching up with demand for the product and fixing their shortages.

While shipping speeds are picking up, those that are really concerned with getting their iPhone in a timely and reliable manner should just go visit a retail Apple Store or their carrier.

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