More iPhone 5 rumors: Metal back, bigger screen, and NFC is apparently back on the table

Now that we’re heading down the home stretch towards an iPhone 5, we’re likely going to start seeing a drastic increase in rumors. Some will be legit, but others completely bogus. So, like all of our rumor posts, make sure you take these with a giant box full of salt.

Today we have two rumors. Apparently the new iPhone 5 could have a metal backplate, a slightly bigger display, and it’ll be the exact same size as the iPhone 4. In addition to those rumors, we’re also starting to hear that Apple’s still tinkering with NFC in some prototypes.

Metal, bigger displays, and iPhone 4ish

Earlier this week there were rumors of slightly larger displays built into the iPhone 5, which also happened to be based on a leaked case design for the iPhone 5. In addition to those rumors, people also believed that the iPhone 5 would have a similar form factor to the iPhone 4. Again, this was based on a picture of an alleged iPhone 5 case on the internet.

Today, 9to5Mac is claiming that all of the rumors could be true, and they’re basing their article on a source inside of Foxconn. They don’t have any photographic evidence  of an aluminum based, iPhone 4-esque iPhone, unless you consider some photos of a charging cable definitive intel.

The metal back could be possible, and the iPhone 4 form factor might also be a distinct possibility, but we have a hard time with the “slightly bigger display.” Apple would have to introduce yet another resolution for developers to support. With three major resolutions already on the market – iPad, iPhone 3GS and below, and the iPhone 4 — a fourth resolution may be a bit more than some developers are willing to support.

NFC’s back on again, despite earlier reports

Cult of Mac is reporting today that Apple is working with several iPhone prototypes that have NFC built into them. According to their source, Apple’s not only looking to use NFC as a payment system, but also as a portable login system.

Once logged in to the new system, users would be able to sync apps, send files to and from their MobileMe accounts, as well as do other sync-based things. Apparently the computer you’re working on will then securely remove the files you’ve been working on once you log off.

It’s a pretty neat concept, should it come to fruition in the not too distant future.

I would be very surprised if Apple’s still working on an iPhone 5 prototype this close to the rumored announcement date. There’s been a lot of speculation that an event could scheduled for as early as April. If that’s the case, iPhone 5 is probably already in production, and well on their way to being shipped. Plus, just this week we heard that there’s no NFC in the iPhone 5.

Editors note: For the record, the iPhone in the image above is just an iPhone 4 with a brushed metal sticker.

Article Via RazorianFly and Cult of Mac
Photo Credit: The Reader’s Eye

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