More iPhone 5 and iPad 3 release rumors surface online

You know a new iOS device is about to be announced by the sheer amount of rumors circulating the market. Whether legit or bogus, there’s almost a direct correlation between the quantity of rumors circulating the market and an imminent release.

Today there’s a report from The China Times suggesting that the iPhone 5 will be released the second week of September. Also stated in the articleis that the iPad 3 will be available after Thanksgiving (US) because of product shortages.

Neither rumor is a stretch. We’ve been hearing rumors that the next iPhone will be released in September since early spring. As for the iPad 3, well, there’s still some fairly polarized opinions on whether or not Apple will actually ship it this calendar year. Some think it’ll be the third iteration of the iPad, while others think it will be a pro model released alongside the iPad 2. To be honest, there isn’t much evidence supporting either iPad claim at this point. Outside of supply-chain checks, analyst opinions, and “people familiar with the matter,” there’s very little substantive evidence to base an opinion on at this point.

Source: The China Times
Via: MacRumors

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