iPhone 5 Fairs Better In Drop Test Than Samsung Galaxy S3

With the iPhone 5 officially in the hands of consumers, people are starting to wonder if it’s really everything Apple claims. Some have even put it to the test. The people behind Android Authority posted a video to YouTube demonstrating a drop test between Apple’s iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. iFixYouri posted a similar video, but without comparing the two phones.

Android Authority dropped the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 from various heights, starting at pocket level and going up to close to 6 feet. The results: the iPhone 5 did much better than the Samsung Galaxy S3, whose screen shattered at one point. While the iPhone 5 did suffer a few scuffs, the screen remained intact and the hard aluminum shell of the iPhone 5 stood strong. Both devices continued to work, but the Samsung Galaxy S3 lost its back cover and suffered damage to the casing and front glass.

Over at iFixYouri, another drop test showed the iPhone 5 being dropped from different heights as well. The iPhone 5 did pretty well until dropped screen down. According to these guys, the iPhone 5 is “the most durable iPhone” they’ve seen.

Source: Android Authority and iFixYouri

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