iPhone 4S coming to the U.S. carrier C Spire. Ever heard of them?

It’s true. The iPhone 4S is really coming to another U.S. carrier. Here’s the twist: the carrier isn’t T-Mobile! Now to some of you, this doesn’t come as a surprise (the T-Mobile not getting the 4S part). After all, the company said so themselves. The odd part is who’s getting the spanking new smartphone. The winner is… C Spire! Oh, and pre-orders start today.

Now I’ll be honest. I have never heard of this carrier before in my life. When I finally heard the name of it, I thought it was a children’s educational channel. You know, C for children… inspire? Nonetheless, this carrier does indeed exist and it will be sporting a shiny new device in the coming weeks.

Via Carrier’s Site: C Spire Wireless announced today that it will launch iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone yet, in the U.S. in the coming weeks.

For further information or to register interest, please visit www.cspire.com/iphone. For more information on iPhone 4S, please visit www.apple.com/iphone.

You’ve also probably never heard of C Spire, formally know as Cellular South, unless you live(d) in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida. The private carrier, based in Ridgeland, Mississippi, has about 875,000 subscribers and runs a CDMA network.

So why C whoever over T-Mobile? Well, the newest iPhone can run on GSM and CDMA networks. However, T-Mobile’s GSM network is an unique 3G/4G band. In other words, Apple would have to make a unique device just for them. Yeah, that’s not happening.

Hey, look on the bright side. Now current iOS users will have 800,000+ more people to iMessage!

Via: MacRumors

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