iPhone 4G just around the corner.

With only a few weeks left before WWDC reports are coming out that Apple will unveil the new 4G iPhone on June 7th.  Before I go any further, I just would like to point out that I feel most of the excitement of this event has been taking away by Gizmodo’s video of the prototype iPhone.  It’s like finding out what you are getting for Christmas before Christmas day.  With that said and out of the way let’s continue.

Willie Teng of DIGITIMES is reporting on hardware that will be out for the new iPhone:

“The new device will adopt IPS (in-plane switching) panels with FFS (fringe-field switching) technology and a 960×640 resolution”, Kuo said, noting that LG Display and Prime View International are the panel suppliers.

“The iPhone 4G will run on the Arm Cortex A8 processor and a 512MB memory module from Samsung Electronics, doubling the memory capacity seen in the iPhone 3GS to take advantage of the multi-tasking capability of the iPhone 4.0 platform”, Kuo revealed.

I had a feeling that Apple was going to go with the IPS screens, since this is what they are using on the iPads.  It’s only logical that they are going this route.  I’m also happy to see that Apple is increasing the resolution to 960×640.  This will put it close to the iPad’s resolution of 1024×768.  I wonder if Apple will release their current video library in the new resolution.  They had done this before when they went from 320×240 to 640×480.  Time will tell; we’ll just have to wait and see.

Moreover, I’m excited to see that Apple will once again double the memory on the iPhone from 256MB to a whopping 512MB of RAM.  The one thing that puzzles me is: why did they not do this with the iPad?  The iPad comes with only 256MB of memory.  One would think that Apple would place 512MB of memory in the iPad since they will be putting it in the new iPhone.  The only reason I can think that they did not do this is for cost reasons.

Teng also talks about how the battery life will be improved upon on the new iPhone.  Apple will not achieve this by adding an additional battery like they did on the iPad. Teng explains how:

“To solve battery life issues, the new iPhone’s panel is 33% thinner than in previous iPhone versions to permit more space for larger battery modules supplied by Simplo Technology and Dynapack International Technology”, Kuo said.

So, instead of two batteries like on the iPad, you’ll get a bigger battery.  I don’t know about you, but the more juice I can squeeze out of the iPhone’s battery the better.  I have the iPhone 3G, and I usually have to charge it by lunch time because my battery is almost drained.  This is why I like Apple.  They continuously improve upon their products.  They are never satisfied with just good; they want exceptional.

The hardware looks to be very impressive for the new iPhone.  We already know the software that’s behind the hardware, as we got a glimpse of it back in April.  Now we wait till WWDC to see what is announced.  I’d like to hear from you: what do you think about the leaked iPhone video?  What are your thoughts about the new hardware?  Leave a comment below in the comment section, and let us hear your thoughts on these topics.

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