iPhone 4 survives 1,000 foot fall just to spite glassgate

It’s not every day that an iPhone 4 dropped 10 feet survives the impact, especially with Glassgate being a real thing and all. Turns out, it can handle a lot more than at 10 foot fall. When Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walker leaned out over the open door of his plane before deploying jumpers into the air, his pocket opened, and out fell his iPhone 4.

Find My iPhone and an ATV ride later, he was able to track down the phone in a wooded area about 2 miles away.

The crazy thing is that the phone was in complete working condition and scratch free. We’re not sure how the iPhone was able to take such a free fall and live to work another day, but one thing’s for certain, the iPhone 4 is a lot hardier than we give it credit for these days.

Take that Glassgate.

Article Via TUAW
Hat Tip to @le_craig for sending this one in!

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