iPhone 4 Owners That Didn’t Get A Bumper Case Can Now Collect $15

If you purchased a new iPhone 4 before February 17 of this year, and didn’t get your free bumper case to help mitigate the effects of Antennagate, you are now eligible for a $15 settlement from Apple. Many people who registered their new phone are already receiving emails notifying them of this settlement.

If you want to receive your money, you will need to call 1-877-417-7234 or go to www.iPhone4settlement.com in order to request a detailed notice and claim form package. Customers have until August 28 to submit the claim form package in order to receive their settlement money.

If you would rather have a bumper case, you can hop over to Apple’s site and request one.

A screenshot of the full text of the notice can be found after the break.

Nic Lake
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