Where’d my “Coming in July” go? iPhone in Canada’s gonna be delayed

Yup, second class tech citizens we are up here in the great white north. Maybe it’s our lack of technology infrastructure, or maybe it’s our population demographics. Who the heck knows anymore. But, no matter what it might be, Canada’s about to get shafted, as the iPhone 4 release date slips to who knows when.

Remember how everyone would laugh at how backwards and how far behind Australia and the UK were when it came to television shows, and episode air dates? Well guess what Canada, we’re there right beside them, but this time the last laugh is on us. The iPhone 4 is now “Coming Soon,” instead of “Coming in July.” That’s Apple speak for, you’ll get it when everyone in the US, UK, Japan, Germany, and France have satiated their appetite.

We’d be surprised, but it’s becoming way too frequent these days. We didn’t get the iPhone until 3G model was released, the iPad saw its date pushed back a month or two at a time, and now, the iPhone 4 could be here in July, August, September, or December. We know, they’re working on it. Demand’s greater than supply — yadda yadda. But we don’t care. We’re sick and tired of being second class tech-citizens. Anyone willing to trade some maple syrup, a toque, and a hockey stick for an iPhone 4? What if I offered up some ketchup chips?

Article Via Boy Genius Report

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