iPhone 4 Bumper Case program goes live…on iTunes

We spent a lot of time yesterday trying to figure out how this Bumper program would work, and we certainly never expected that Apple would be releasing an iPhone App to take care of the problem. But, it certainly makes a ton of sense now that we think about it. How do you stop everyone and their brother from trying to get a free bumper? You create an App.

The application from Apple will check your IMEI and serial number on your phone to guarantee that you have an iPhone 4, and then it will let you pick out a case. It makes a ton of sense to do it this way over a traditional web form.

As a quick aside, I’m pretty annoyed by people running out and getting a free bumper for the sake of getting a free bumper. Sure, if you have a problem with your phone, you’re entitled to take part in the program, but if you’re not having any problems with your phone, that’s another story altogether.

If you’re not having any problems with your iPhone 4, are you still planning on picking up a free bumper? If so, why? Let us know in the comments.

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