iPhone 4, now Made In Brazil

It looks like the Apple, Foxconn, and Brazil move is well underway. According to leaked pictures from a Foxconn factory in Brazil, Apple and its partner have been gearing up to make iPhone 4 models in Brazil.

MacMagazine, based out of Brazil, managed to get their hands on a couple of pictures that clearly reveal an ANATEL logo on the back of the phone, and the words Industry Brazil instead of the normal “Made in China” that’s been on the back of all iPhones to date.

Translated using Google Translate, the original article reads:

If this unit is really hot and has left the Jundiaí Foxconn certainly is one of the first to reach the hands of a consumer. What the reader has told us, however, is how he put his hands on it – probably through some contact in the factory or in a carrier. It is also curious to see the rear registration: chose “Brazilian Industry” only – no “Made in Brazil” or “Assembled in Brazil”, as suspected.

Apple’s long been rumoured to be moving into Brazil to help minimize their reliance on one region for their production. If you recall, back in March Thailand was hit by their worst flood in 50 years, creating supply chain issues for Apple and other tech companies. Moving some of their operations out of that region and into Brazil is an added safeguard against those types of issues for the company.

Source: MacMagazine (Translated)

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