iPhone 4 Available For $49.99 USD


Are you in need of an iPhone 4 on the cheap? Well, you’re in luck. Best Buy is selling refurbished iPhone 4s for only $49.99 with contract.

  • 8 GB Verizon iPhone 4
  • 8 GB Sprint iPhone 4
  • 8 GB AT&T iPhone 4

Looking for a deal on the iPhone 4S? They’ve got that too. The 16 GB models are only $179.99, but no Verizon or Sprint models are available.

  • 16 GB AT&T iPhone 4S
  • 32 GB AT&T iPhone 4S
  • 64 GB AT&T iPhone 4S

These deals aren’t even available on Apple’s refurbished section, so make sure to grab these up if you’re in the market for a cheap iPhone. For everyone else, just stay in that god-forsaken holding pattern until the new iPhone arrives. Hopefully, it will show up sooner rather than later.

While I can’t vouch for Best Buy’s refurbished products, I have had a great experience with Apple’s. Most of the time, these are just returns of unused or barely used products, and they are guaranteed to be in a working state. Still, you are gambling a little bit. There is a chance that you might get a lemon. Before you buy refurbished products, always make sure there is at least a one-year warranty.

Hat tip: Cult of Mac

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