Rumor: iPad 2 production to start in February, iPhone 5 in May

There are various reports surfacing about the iPad 2 coming soon. The latest news states that there will be limited manufacturing starting in February. This comes from AppleInsider who says that China Commercial Times has reported that the iPad production will start at the beginning of February for small numbers initially, and then expand afterwards.

It’s predicted that this would give Apple adequate time to prepare enough iPads for launch. Current estimates for the official iPad 2 launch are for April. At the same time, it has also been reported that production of the iPhone 5 would begin in May, and if it followed Apple’s typical product release cycle, this would mean it could be an official June launch again—maybe we’ll see those mythical white iPhones by then too.

Manufacturing early, before launch, has positive and negative issues surrounding it. If they make a lot early, it will mean many customers will be satisfied since they will get the latest device and more of the demand will be met. Of course, it also means potential leaks of the device and the specs before Apple is ready to launch. Leaks of unannounced Apple products are hot news for us, but devastating to the way Apple likes to announce their products.

The details of the iPad 2’s specs are flying around, and it seems to be a mix of rumor and news, but the display being “Retina” I think is the least likely to happen anytime soon—if ever.

More realistic reports of FaceTime and video capabilities seem part of the Apple plan because the more devices that are capable of using FaceTime, the more likely people will be to use it.

Are you planning on getting the new iPad when it’s available? Do you currently have the first generation and are keen to sell to finance the next Apple purchase? Are you happy with the iPad and are not really bothered about getting the next one?

Article Via applegazette

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