iPad and iPhone an advertising force in Europe

iOS has pretty substantial marketshare in Europe — this we already know — but it also appears to hold a pretty large slice of the advertising pie in Europe, at least when it comes to the iPad. Mobile specialist InMobi has released a report that identifies the iPad as the sixth largest advertising device in Europe, based solely on ad impressions.

The study, which was concluded in May, revealed that the iPad was responsible for 19.5 percent of all ad impressions (3.7 billion total impressions; number one spot) in Europe, whereas the iPhone was responsible for 13.8 percent of ad impressions across the continent (number six spot).

While Apple clearly dominated on a device by device basis, Android on a whole accounted for 26.9 percent of the ad impressions, while the iPhone weighed in at 19.5 percent. It’s not exactly surprising that Android is outpacing the iPhone, considering the number of devices on Android easily accounts for a 20 to one difference (over 100+ according to Wikipedia). When it’s boiled down to a phone by phone basis, the Samsung GT-i9000 (5.1 percent) and HTC Desire (4.5 percent) come the closest to the iPhone.

Why is this iPhone and iPad information interesting?

On the surface a lot of this information may not exactly be all that ground breaking, and could probably be deduced by simply riding the subway in a major European city. Once you sit back and think about it a little bit though, this could be some pretty large evidence that Apple may be thinking about introducing multiple iPhones in the upcoming year. While it’s conjecture at this point, and the supporting rumors are pretty thin on evidence and pretty large on speculation, should Apple decide that they need to release multiple phones to battle Android, there’s clearly marketshare available for the taking.

A sexy iPhone and iPad infographic

Along with the original report from InMobi, there’s a stellar infographic that clearly shows some of relationships between iOS and Android in the European market. We’ve attached it below for your enjoyment.

Source: InMobi
Via: TheNextWeb
Image Credit: Pit 162 ?

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