iOS still sticking it to Android in a number of categories

Getting realistic, FUD-proof statistics from Apple and Google on who’s winning the iOS versus Android match is extremely difficult. Everywhere you look someone’s fudging the data to support their claims.

But, according to ROI365 CEO Jeff Tribble, iOS has a ton of fight left in it, and it might actually be winning the war. Tribble’s studies of web analytics from an array of websites show that the iPhone is not only carrying its own weight, but iOS is actually outpacing all Android devices combined.


Tribble, being quoted on Apple Insider, had this to say:

“While the entire Android platform with all of their partners, models, phones and tablets has outgrown the single iPhone 4 by 40.98% to 30.35% the past 4 months, iPad is outgrowing the entire Android ecosystem so significantly [that] it more than makes up for the iPhone deficiency plus some. And it just launched 3 weeks ago and millions of people who want them can’t get their hands on them yet.”

According to Apple Insider’s article, Apple has also been outpacing Android’s marketplace by a pretty significant margin. iOS App Store revenue has grown to be eleven times greater than the Android Market during 2010. That works out to Apple controlling 82.7 percent of all mobile software sales last year.

If you’re a developer, and you’re looking to make money, you might want to consider iOS.

So, what’s that mean?

It’s pretty simple—numbers can be used to tell any story you want. But, that being said, when it comes to iOS and Android market share, it’s not as big of a landslide as some Android aficionados would like you to believe. Apple has a lot of fight left. Heck, it seems like they’re still winning the fight.

Article Via Apple Insider

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