iOS market share about to explode? iPads will be in China by September 17th; iPhone 4 available on the 20th

All those nice looking iOS Vs. The World info-graphics are going to be outdated soon: The iPad is coming to China on September 17th. If the iPad’s introduction into the worlds largest consumer market isn’t enough to provide a slight sales boost, nothing will. We’re not sure how successful the launch of the iPad will be in China — considering the success of the iPhone 3G was lukewarm at best. But, September is turning out to be Apple month in China: China Unicom is set to start selling the iPhone 4 on the September 20th, and now the WiFi iPad is slated for a release on the 17th, according to 9 to 5 Mac.

Two major products being released in the same week, talk about a defining moment in Apple’s attempt at gaining traction in China.

It could be an extremely busy month for Apple in China, and if the device is even remotely as successful there as it is here, the iOS platform is about to get a huge bump in numbers, making it even more difficult for the competitors to catch up.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac and iSmashphone

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