Will your next iOS device have Intel chips?

When you hear the word Intel, your first thought goes to desktops or laptops that use their processors.  What if the next time your hear the word Intel it’s also associated with an iPhone or an iPad?  That’s right, Intel is looking to go mobile,  and they plan on doing this by acquiring Infineon Technologies, a German based chip company, according to CNET.  I wouldn’t go looking for the Intel Inside sticker on your iPhone or iPad.  Like Apple’s desktops and laptops, your iOS devices will be sticker free.

Infineon chips are already found in iPhones and iPads.  The chips are used for the 3G antenna as well as the camera.  These little wonders of technology will soon be Intel’s if they complete the acquisition.  What does this mean for us the consumer?  Probably not a whole lot, since the chips will remain the same.  However instead of bearing the Infineon brand, they will probably bear the Intel logo instead.  With that said I don’t think it will happen on this go around of iPhones and iPads.  Because even if they acquire them, they still have a long way to go before names and logos change.

I wonder if Intel will add or innovate on what Infineon has already done.  This would be in the best interest of Intel, one would think.  Otherwise, we will get the same chips just with Intel’s brand on it.  We have a while till this comes to fruition, we will just have to wait and see.  The rumor mill will be moving ahead at full speed with this one in the months to come.

Photo Credit: The Intel Apple

Article Via CNET

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